View Full Version : TORCS Race 4 at Zars Ranch April 18 & 19

02-22-2015, 04:25 PM

DBSA will host the 4th race for the TORCS series at Zars Ranch April 18 & 19. Race course layout will be on Friday April 17. For more information visit the TORCS web site (http://www.torcsracing.com/tracks.php?ID=93).

There may be strange ribbons the week of the race as the race series organizers start planning the course.

DBSA members are welcome to race in the event but Zars Ranch will be closed to general membership riding for the race weekend beginning Friday.

Stay tuned for more details.

03-11-2015, 08:43 AM
General admission ($10) for the TORCS race will be free for DBSA members. Also the club voted at the March meeting to cover $30 per membership (not per person) of the race fees for any active DBSA member who wants to race in the event. Details will follow.

03-21-2015, 12:20 PM
My wife and I are coming back from AZ on March 26th. We were thinking of camping and riding soon after we get back to Texas. I was considering bringing my trailer and bike up to Zars on Tuesday or Wednesday before the race with the idea of staying through the weekend to either race or help with the race if it is needed. Is that a possibility, or what should I plan on?


04-25-2015, 05:25 AM
Thank you DBSA for agreeing to host the TORCS race. It was good to see that many people enjoying the beautiful property we are fortunate to ride each day.

I took a few photos from the Sunday's race and posted an album on my FLICKR site. https://www.flickr.com/photos/vitamin-g/sets/72157651739716089/

05-03-2015, 06:22 PM
Great turn out at the race. Best count my just looking at result totals 300 race entries some of these raced both days. I would guess we had close to 300 folks at the event. We had by my count on the sign in sheet 35 members show up, 25 members signed in to race. A hand full of members to help out. IT was very close to getting canceled. I did notice the cows really like the fresh new grass in the field that was mowed for the race ! priceless feed there folks! A contract was made with the TORCS folks and MET . This was a great organization, The TORCS campers Left a clean Campground, cleaned up all their ribbon . Thanks Guys! Cant remember a simple Family Funday we did not leave some ribbon and markers hanging on the courses.

We had a contract for $1500.00 And we received $1500 plus $500 in discounted entry fees for club members from TORCS. The club paid $ 30 per membership to members that raced, that totaled $750.00 that we Paid TORCS, we received $750 cash at the end of race day. Total value of $2000 for the club.

For more details on race finances Please talk to The club President or treasurer.

Total value to our club members that participated in this event we Hosted at our property $1250.00 WoW! and we had fun!

Not bad for an event that was almost rained out.

Matt Krawczynski