View Full Version : A rider story of about the Endurocross

08-19-2008, 07:08 AM
Here's Jon Shoalmire's story from the Endurocross he just road.

Went to the EnduroCross on saturday. I drew #40 in the Open 2 Stroke

During the track walk I saw a couple obsticals that had me a little
worried. First was a 10+ foot nearly vertical wall with a log on the
top. Second was the water section, going into it you had a 2 1/2ft
nearly vertical wall with a log on top of it directly followed by a
4ftt drop into a rough concrete pit screwn with river rocks. The exit
was again a 4ft nearly vertical ledge with a log on top. Third was
the big rock garden heading to the finish line. The hardest thing
ended up being the water section as the rock garden was a breeze as
long as you had proper momentum and good line selection. The big hill
was just intimidating to look at.

My first practice session started at 10:05, by 10:09 I was laying
trackside with severly pulled back muslces, a bruised collarbone and a
slipped/bulged disc in my lower back. A log took me out. One of
those things you go over 1000 times without even really thinking about
and it bit me good. I just hit the log a little too hard and got
tossed over the bars and landed in the fetal position upside down.
The sad thing was that it was the second log I went over right after
the start straight.

I got up slowly and continued around the track for another lap and a
half. breezed over the tractor tires, the rock corner, the big log
doubles, the rock garden, and the concrete culvert jump. the water
section was my demise. I bobbled a little in it the first time and
dropped the bike the second time. When I went to pic my bike up my
knees nearly went out from under me and I just about pissed myself.
instantly lost my breath. A course worker had to ride my bike out of
the section and I barely got back on it. I rode out of the stadium
and into the pits. Once I got to my pit area I couldn't get off the
bike. I had to use my ez-up and a friend to get off the bike and
basically laid next to the bike for about 15 minutes.

Once I got up I went to the EMT's and then the RiderDown.org
therapist. The EMT didn't even seem to want to talk to me, just told
me to go to a doctor. The therapist put me on a tenz unit for about
20 minutes and then gave me a message in the affected area. Felt a
lot better but was still getting shooting pains down my left leg.

Later on during the evening i felt my back pop and I guess whatever it
was stopped pushing on the nerves. Went to the doctor on sunday and
had some x-rays done and got myself some high doseage pain killers,
muscle relaxers and a steriod for inflamation. The meds aren't
helping much so far.

All in all, The time I spent on the bike was decent. Jon Shoalmire.