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01-14-2010, 06:20 AM
An Open Letter

To: All members of Texas Motorized Trails Coalition and patrons of Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area.

From: President of the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition

The purpose of this letter to the TMTC membership and patrons of BMRA is provide information on how the organizationís leadership is responding to construction and repair issues at the park.

The unprecedented rains of October illuminated numerous issues within the park. Frankly, we were overwhelmed with the intensity and breadth of the problems that surfaced during that period. Rainfall caused priorities to be realigned to address emergency needs and goals. Historically, silt off the mountain has been a major issue for adjacent landowners. The October rains compounded the problem and silt containment must be addressed first.

I have been working closely with Tom Mitchell, president of the Operations Board to complete the definition of repairs to existing, and construction of new, silt ponds. Progress on this front is imperative in maintaining a good relationship with our neighbors. The same bid package will address repairs to the 2WD emergency access roadways throughout the park.

This road system is designed to allow 24 hour access to the toilets and showers and remote camping areas within the park. These issues are the first priority, with the toilets and showers being the second.

Progress is being made in defining the problem and funding has been addressed.

We appreciate the patience of all our members and patrons as we decisively work through these issues.

Tony Eeds
President - 2007-2011
Texas Motorized Trails Coalition