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08-18-2010, 09:47 AM
August 17, 2010 The U.S. Forest Service is seeking public input on determining the best area for an OHV trail system on the Angelina and Sabine National Forests in Texas. A committee representing the Forest Service, the Texas Sierra Club, the Texas Conservation Alliance, the Texas Motorized Trails Coalition and the Texas Parks and Wildlife OHV program has completed work on possible locations for an OHV trail system. The committee has created a top five list for the best potential new riding areas. The sites include: Red Hills Lake; North Toledo Bend; Boles Field; Trail Between the Lakes; and Broaddus. The committee unanimously concluded that Red Hills Lake is the best site.

Comments on the potential OHV riding areas will be accepted until August 22, 2010. It is important that OHV enthusiasts get involved in the designation process by contacting Forest staff. Comments should be submitted by email to: comments-southern-texas-angelina@fs.fed.us or by mail to:

District Ranger
Angelina National Forest
111 Walnut Ridge
Zavalla, TX 75980

Additional information found online:

View Maps of Potential OHV Sites and Comment Form

For more information, contact Eddie Taylor, Angelina/Sabine District Ranger, at 409-625-1940.

08-19-2010, 08:29 AM
This may help ! but get on it forward it to who you know that wants more area to ride!

This can open up new ground and show how important riding is to us.

(Public input sought on determining the one best area for a possible OHV trail on the Angelina and Sabine National Forests.

Attached are maps of five areas being reviewed for a possible OHV trail on the National Forest. Your input is being sought to help determine the one best area for a trail.

Please fill out the comment sheet and respond by e-mail or regular mail on or before August 22, 2010.

E-mail address:



Mail to:

District Ranger
Angelina National Forest
111 Walnut Ridge
Zavalla, TX 75980

NOTE: You can find this information at http://www.fs.fed.us/r8/texas/ It is near the bottom of the page.

There you will find maps to the various proposed areas for your review.

The following are some talking points I created to assist in preparing the comment email needed to assist in moving this project along. Please cut-paste-and-edit at will to create a unique response. Use all that you see fit.


1. Red Hills has unique topo of all of the proposed sites. The balance of the sites are very similar to SHNF.
2. Red Hills has unique topo of the proposed sites. The balance of the sites are very similar to Sam Houston and the Kistachie National Forests.
3. Red Hills is unique topo, similar to Arkansas. The balance of the sites are very similar to Kistachie National Forests.
3. The greater the relief in the topo the more I will enjoy the system and the more likely I am to return.


1. I would like to see approximately ____ miles of trail in a new system.
2. I live in _______________ and would like to see _________ miles in a new trail system.


1. When I stay overnight I like to stay in motels and eat in local restaurants.
2. When I stay overnight I like to stay in campgrounds nearby the trail system.
3. When I stay overnight I prefer to stay in a campground with direct access to the trail system.

Other Comments

1. It would be a plus to have campgrounds on a lake so I could have multiple recreation opportunities.
2. There are ______ members in my immediate family that ride trail machines. We like to get out as often as possible and enjoy nature.
3. I am part of a group of friends that ride _____ weekends during the year.


1. I like that this trail system will allow me to get closer to nature.
2. I would like to see kiosks that explain wildlife and local history along the trail system.

Recreation Vehicles

1. I have and enjoy off road motorcycles and ATVs.
2. I have and enjoy ATVs.
3. I have and enjoy UTVs.
4. I have and enjoy mountain bikes.
5. I have and enjoy horses.

Im sure there are many more that you articulate folks can come up with without my help, so please get after it. We have until the 22nd to submit a response.

By my estimation, Red Hills is the preferred site as it provides unique topo for the region and will draw folks from Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas all the time and could be a national draw when it is cold up north.

Also The National Forest Service will be providing the land, TPWD all the funding and TMTC all the management experience for the system. The FS won $700K in funding from the Recreational Trails Program (Federal) and will be supported by some additional funding from the OHV sticker fund, so this is clearly our money coming back to support our sport.

Please take a moment to respond.


Texas Motorized Trails Coalition

Tony Eeds

President 2007-2011



08-20-2010, 02:02 PM
Moan an groan all you want about no where to ride ! this is your chance! if you read this take action or shut up! I did, cause there is just not a chance I will ever shut up :D

08-21-2010, 08:29 PM
I kept my comment short.

To whom it may concern,

I support setting up trail systems and access at the Red Hills Lake area within the Angelina National Forest.

IMO, they just need to know that we are paying attention and do want more areas to ride.