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Thread: Don't be afraid to ask for a sponsor at Zars

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    Default Don't be afraid to ask for a sponsor at Zars

    Riding at Zars is for members of the DBSA only but guests are always welcome. A member does have to volunteer to meet and sponsor you. Guest fees are $20 for adults and $10 for youth age 15 and under. The maximum fee for a family is $40. All fees are for a per rider (family), per day basis. While a couple of board members have a cube and can accept credit cards, most members that will sponsor you do not so please bring cash or check for your guest rider fees. Zars Ranch in located at 4134 FM 1303 just south of Floresville. If you come from 1604 it is approximately 10 miles on the left.

    Post up in the "Request a Guest Sponsorship" thread with the day, date, and time you would like to be sponsored and we'll try and accommodate you. You do have to sign up on the forum to post but you do not have to join the DBSA. If you have any problems signing up, send me an email to and I will help you out.

    Zars is a great piece of property to ride on so if you haven't ridden there yet, come on out and have some fun. There is a wide variety of terrain to check out.

    Here's a map of the 10 miles of marked one-way trails (the marked trail has been rerouted, a new map is in the works). There are also lots of side trails to ride on as well (40+ miles worth).


    More info about the DBSA & Zars is available on the Dirt Bike Club of San Antonio web site.
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