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Thread: Torcs race this weekend. April 17-19

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    Default Torcs race this weekend. April 17-19

    Matt Krawczynski‎Dirt Bike Club Of San Antonio - DBSA

    Race weekend dont forget, the property will be closed to open riding Friday to Sunday .
    Come on out and try you skills, there are Classes for everyone Young and old! Kids, Women and Men of all sizes and ages!

    All friends or non-members will have to sign in through the second gate.
    Every one needs to sign and read the TORCS Waiver .
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    What a Race ! fun for all ! I tell you , it was a close call this might not happened but with a lot of hard work from a Great TORCs crew (all volunteers for sake of racing) we did some changes to the course and had a great race. 25 DBSA members raced this weekend, a hand full turned out to spectate, less than a hand full turned out to help with the event, some of the same hard core guys and gals that always turn up to do the work. Oh and they had a great time doing it. Yes we all worked hard cheering on racers , helping them out, meeting old friends past members / racers from days past, repairing the course and most of all being great host !
    Matt K

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