The DBSA general membership was called to order and the previous meeting minutes were read and approved.

New business included discussion for a special project work day this Saturday (18 June) to hook up water and electric and water for pressure wash. Dave Kerr is heading this project and this a good opportunity for members who are wanting to get work hours. Members participating in this work day are to be in place and meet at the new shade structure by 8 am for work assignments.

Land report shows some progress cleaning up the riding trails and flood waters are receding near the river and creek bottoms, however it is still very muddy and slimy. The marked pink and orange trails are in decent shape however unmarked trails still have many logs and debris in normal riding areas. Members are reminded to ride cautiously during this period. Also spiders, snakes and wasps are extremely bad this year (2 riders were bitten on Sunday while riding resulting in a member having to go to emergency room). Get well soon Carlos.
Treasurer’s report was given and the club is in good standing with present and past obligations.

Ceiling fans for the shade structure are being researched.

Membership was reported at 165 members.

Also members are encouraged to check the website and facebook for the latest information.

The TORCS race at Zars is currently on hold due to scheduling and property condition. More to follow.

DBSA members participating in area races are listed below. Any members wishing to have their results reported should contact Eric Nesloney ( or Mike Peffer (

Austin Iglesias
TORCs Round 4 Caldwell Sand Hills
1st place 65 open Saturday
1st Place 65 mini Sunday
Congrats to Austin

There will be no General membership meeting for July and the August meeting will be conducted at the August work day at Zars.

Happy Trails…dirtbikemike out.