The August monthly meeting was quick and to the point in order to get work teams on the trail for the combined meeting/scheduled work day on 13 August. We've determined the best way to solve the summer drought is to schedule a race or workday....however the rain at least held off long enough to make a good dent in our trail maintenance. The event was attended by 34 attendees split into 9 teams covering a segment of the property. Members who participated should check DBSA web site to ensure there work hours are updated.

Other discussions included the awning ceiling fans and pressure washer hookup....both projects are progressing on schedule.

Cattle manager was discussed and anyone interested should contact Matt.

Dolph reported the club in good financial standing with all bills paid.

2 new memberships were added during this meeting.

Race report will go out shortly....anyone members who have placed in any race series from July to present and want to be included in this report should email me their results.

For those interested the header photo is a ghost rider from July's Torcs race. He was last seen being gobbled up by turkey hill.

Also friend the DBSA Facebook page for the latest happenings.

Happy trails....dirtbikemike out!