September DBSA Club Meeting Minutes

The September DBSA general membership meeting was held on 13 September and attended by 12 members. The meeting was called to order and the previous minutes were read to discuss old business. The August minutes were approved.

General discussion included the riding of sport quads on the trails and it was decided that the member policies will be changed to exclude sport quads from riding trails. Families with a primary dirt bike rider are allowed to ride the kids track and sand fields. This change is necessary to ensure the trails remain safe and in ridable condition for dirtbikes. It is determined that club riding property is too small for quad sport riding and individuals looking for areas to ride quads in the San Antonio area are better suited for the GSL Ranch and Hidden Falls riding areas. Any questions pertaining to this matter should be address to Matt Krawczynski.

Severe weather conditions continue to wreak havoc on the trails. The weeds and down trees are everywhere and run off ditches are very deep and open up some huge holes especially near the river. A call to work has been posted on the web site and some folks have already cut the trees to make the pink and orange passable (however use extreme caution because visibility and trail trash is rampant). If anyone is interested in doing any work to help get trails back in shape, please contact Jeff Seely…this is also another chance for folks who do not have their work hours and wish to get them knocked out before the end of the year. Also JR Rhoads will be at the property on Tuesday, 20 September working trails with a chainsaw at 8 am, anyone who can help on this date is greatly appreciated and will receive work hours for the time they help.

Pro-rated memberships were discussed and beginning 1 October members signing up can join for a fee of $75 for remainder of this year along the normal membership fee for next year. The work hours for this calendar year are waived for pro-rated memberships as long as members perform their required hours in the next calendar year.

The family fun day was discussed at length and will be held on Sunday, 30 Oct. This year’s family fun will be accompanied by the first annual DBSA tag team race to be held on 29 Oct. Flyers for both these events will be out soon with all the details so please mark your calendars. Mike Peffer is the POC for family fun day and Jeff Seely is the POC for the race. More to follow and expect a flyer in the next week or so.

A treasurer’s report was provided by Dolph and club is in good standing.

Congratulations and thanks to Guy Stubbs for providing information and history of the club in the recent rider profile. Feedback was positive and we hope to continue these profiles. If anyone would like to nominate or provide future information for this future please contact any board member.

Along with committees for the Family fun day activities, a legacy committee was formed and will be headed by Mike Peffer and Charlie Hornsby….more to follow.

Happy Trails….DirtbikemikeE out