November DBSA General Membership Meeting

The DBSA general membership meeting was held on 8 November and attended by 14 members. The last meeting notes were read and approved. The treasurer's report was read and the club is in good financial standing.

Family Fun day was discussed and good feedback was expressed for the events, meal, and riding fellowship by all who attended. The event winners will be sent out in a separate email soon to follow. The giveaways were also very substantial this year with every attendee walking away with at least 2 prizes from the tables. Thank you notes are going out to the dealership and distributors who contributed. The value of the total prize giveaways from the club and vendors was in excess $1500. Again thanks to all attended and help make this event a success.

Our club president recently sent a "state of the club" message to Mr. Zars and he expressed his pleasure that the club is doing good things and enjoying the property. He also stated that he has no plans for the property and the club would be the first to know if anything changes. Our thanks to the Zars family for the years of dirt biking enjoyment and we look forward to being good stewards of this little piece of dirt biking heaven for years to come.

The Tag team race scheduled for this weekend was discussed at length and separate emails were outlining club duties for this event. All is progressing on schedule and weather looks to be awesome for racing. Hope to see everyone out for this event.

A dual sport ride was held 5 November and good time was had by all. Another ride is schedule for spring time (tentatively April).

The annual membership renewal and club elections are set for 10 December at Grady's BBQ at 7400 Bandera Rd. Memberships can be renewed between 11:00am to 2pm. The election candidates are finalized and the election will be held at 12 pm during the annual renewal meeting. While no positions have opposition, a ballot will be printed and voted upon according to club policies.

Candidates are:
President: Matt Krawcynzski
Vice President: Ralph Crowder
Treasurer: Dolph Nesloni
Secretary: Mike Peffer
Land Manager: Jeff Seely
Webmaster Coordinator: Carl Tindle
Membership Coordinator: Krystal Parks
Board Members:
Eric Nesloni
JR Rhoads
Bill Canion (returning for 2nd year of term)

Happy Trails....Dirtbikemike out!