The DBSA general membership meeting was held on 10 January and attended by 28 members and newcomers. The last meeting notes were read and approved. The treasurer’s report was read and the club is in good financial standing.

Property/trail upgrades, racing and club events, and cattle management are high priorities for DBSA in 2017. It was discussed that overall racing and trials events held at zars in 2016 broke even financially. With the summer TORCS race bringing the majority of profits, the trials event provided moderate profit and the tag team race in October lost money due to low turnout. While no official decision was made for 2017 events at this meeting, we are leaning towards holding another TORCs sanctioned event at Zars. Decisions on trials events and possibly a club sponsored race later in the year will be discussed at future meetings.

Property/trail projects in works are upgrading the entrance for ease of access for campers entering property, finishing the pressure washer project and a corral for ease of loading cattle to market. With this said, it’s important that the 4/5 February work days are an “ all hands on deck” affair with maximum turnout. The more turnout will assist with completions of these projects along with the normal trail maintenance needed on work days. Please do everything possible to get a jump on your work hours during the cooler temperatures and help us get the year off to a good start. The entire 2017 work day schedule is posted on

Family fun day was also discussed and it was decided to poll the membership to see if there are ways to increase interest in the event. Overall attendance to the annual family fun day held in late October has fell off in the past couple years even though the prizes, motorcycle events, food and general rider fellowship have drawn high praise by those who attend. With the amount of work and coordination it takes to put this event on, it begs the question if we should continue to have this event at all or possibly make a few tweaks to increase attendance? Before any changes are made we’d like the membership to please take a minute and participate in a poll at You will have to register on the forum (free of charge). Once poll results are in we’ll further discuss possibilities for fun day.

President Matt discussed club sponsored ride days are being negotiated for other properties in the area. Potential ride days at CTOR, Hidden Falls, Powell Ranch, and McMahon Ranch are all areas of interest and any member in good standing can take advantage of ride access on these days that will be announced once agreements and dates are finalized.

VP Ralph announced there’s a dual sport ride this weekend and members who are interested in attending can find the details on the Vernon also announced an upcoming 175 mile dual sport ride in April. More to follow.

The club also has DBSA T-shirts left in various XXL and child sizes for discounted prices. Please contact Ralph or any other board member if you are interested in purchasing.

Anyone who has not renewed their membership can continue contact any board member to renew. Members with gate keys from previous year will continue to work through the first workdays on 4/5 February. We cannot stress enough the importance of members key control and only members and their paid guest with signed release form are authorized to ride at zars. It is the member’s responsibility to chaperone their guest for the duration of riding on the property. Loaning of keys to non-members will result in loss of membership.

Happy Trails….Dirtbikemike out!