In the past couple weeks I've had the good fortune of getting to ride in a couple of new areas and wanted to share a little info on them.

First trip was to Pensacola Florida for a family vacation and took dirt bike in hopes of finding a place to ride. Luckily I was able to find Clear Creek OHV just outside of Milton Florida (about 35 miles north of Pensacola). I admit my expectations weren't real high due to my perception of flat, hot and sandy conditions in Florida....and for the most part that's is true. But luckily the temps for this time of year were pleasant for riding, the terrain is sandy but it offered about 40 miles of marked trail....all one way and marked well. Quads are allowed on about half the trails and these are wider but I felt like I was able to get a decent flow even on the quad/motorcycle trails. There's also about 20 miles of motorcycle only trails and about 9 miles is tight single track. The facilities were very nice and the place is run by the Florida Parks Service and adjacent to the Blackwater State Forest. There's no campground and park is only open Friday to Sunday of each week. The park ranger was extremely helpful with maps and descriptions. They had a nice size parking lot and loading ramp with indoor shower and bathroom facility. I rode there twice during my visit and was pretty wore out after riding the entire park. Bottom line is wouldn't recommend a trip from this area just to ride there...however I definitely recommend it if you're in the area. My best description of terrain is its just like riding at Fort Sam Houston National Forest or adjacent Outlaw Trax outside of Willis Texas. Ride fee was $15 and a simple internet search will get you all the specifics.

Second trip was about a week later to Illinois to pick up a RV with a friend. During this trip the timeline was tight but we took our dirtbikes with hopes of riding somewhere in Arkansas or Missouri. Before picking up the camper we discovered the rear wheel bearings on my bike were shot so we found a dealer with the bearings in Springfield Missouri. This stop proved to be a good source of riding areas and the locals stated that Chadwick (bout 30 miles south) was prime single track. So we proceeded to Illinois to pick up RV with intention of returning to Chadwick to ride. We arrived back late in the night and found the Cobb Ridge OHV in the Mark Twain National Forest. The campground and facilities were very nice for an OHV park. We were pretty tired but looked forward to riding with the trail heads adjacent to the campground. My friend went to the store to get our passes while I installed my wheel bearings. I had both bearing installed and was putting my wheel back on when the skies opened up with probably 2 inches of rain. We almost left the area but radar looked bad for the other riding areas in Arkansas so we decided to wait it out. We were definitely glad we did. Fortunately the trails in this area a crushed granite base still offer decent traction with running and stand water everywhere. I've never ridden thru so much running water up and down mountains with creeks overflowing. The area advertises 80 miles of trails with an area set aside for Trials riding. Bottom line is I highly recommend this area for a riding trip...especially in the south Texas dog days of summer or early fall. A simple internet search will get you all the specifics for this area and I believe threads on KTMtalk about the area.

Happy Trails...dirtbikemike out