The DBSA general membership meeting was held 13 June and attended by 12 members.

Main topics of discussion were past workday and on going projects. Robert Curry briefed work day progress mostly focused on marked trail and cementing post for new entrance. All members who signed in should verify work hours list on Web site to ensure hours are updated. Thanks to all who participated.

Matt K. briefed the hidden falls club sponsored ride and all was a success. The club has no other immediate plans for club sponsored rides at least throughout the summer. We are looking into possibility of a McMahan Ranch ride in late fall.

Matt K. also announced the club is looking to form a committee focused on land procurement and how to economically sustain the property once procured. Anyone interested should contact Matt for additional information.

Jeff Seely briefed the overall condition of trails is in need of attention. The rains into late spring has extended the growing season with many face slappers and deadfall. We also experienced severe winds shortly after the workday which compounded trail problems. With this said, it was decided at the meeting to change the 19th August work day to 15 July and this will be a full workday. The July workday will also serve as the July membership meeting and there will be no General membership meeting in August.

Treasurers report was given and club is in good standing.

Happy trails...dirtbikemike out!