The DBSA general membership meeting was held 12 September and attended by 12 members.

It's been awhile since the last official meeting and we hope all members and their families had a great summer. While riding slowed down over hot summer months we are now heading into some our busiest months through the end of the year.

Main topics discussed included yearly elections to be held at the December meeting at Grady's Restaurant on 9 December. As per club bylaws anyone wanting to run for office must declare their candidacy in person at the November General membership meeting. More to follow.

While the summer months were slow for riding there are numerous projects that were completed. To include additional electrical upgrades and ceiling fans installed in the pavilion area. Thanks to our club electrician "sparky Don" for his expertise in completing this upgrade.

Another upgrade is the completion of moving the entrance gate back from the road to accommodate trailers entrance into the property without hanging out in the road. We also have an outdoor shower installed between the blue Connex and the tractor shed. Special thanks to Jay for his expertise on moving the gate and installing the shower.

All members are reminded to take care of our riding property, from haul out whatever you haul in to taking care of the new upgrades, especially the showers and electrical upgrades. No members should make any alterations to electrical or plumbing connections. If a problem is noticed or something doesn't land manager for resolution.

The annual DBSA family fun day is scheduled for 29 October. If anyone is interested in volunteering as coordinator or helping with this event please come to next General Membership meeting when final preparations will be made.

The overall condition of trails is in need of attention. The rains and winds from summer storms and hurricane have continued to wreak havoc on the trails. Unfortunately, the bull dozer work we had scheduled to help with drainage has fell thru...with this said, it makes the 15 October workday an all hands deck affair. This is also the last official day for members to complete their required 16 hours to receive credit for 2017. Completed work hours can be found on the web site.

Treasurers report was given and club is in good standing.

A November dual sport ride is in the works ...more to follow

A TORCS race at Zars is tentatively scheduled for November 11-12...more to follow

Happy trails...dirtbikemike out!