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Thread: 2018 Work Day Schedule (updated)

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    Default 2018 Work Day Schedule (updated)

    The 2018 workday schedule is partially out. The first workdays are the weekend of February 3 & 4 (Saturday and Sunday). The rest of the scheduled work days are May 5, August 25, and October 20 (Saturdays).

    Work crews and assignments start promptly at 8 A.M. Zars Ranch will be closed to play riding during work hours on the work days. Bring your bike, ATV, loppers, chainsaws, work gloves, work boots, etc. I repeat 'Bring your bike or ATV'. This is a full work day and run from 8 A.M to no later than 4 P.M. with an hour lunch break at noon. August work day ends at noon due to the summer heat. Bottled water will be provided. A lunch will also be provided by the club.

    The work days will be held as scheduled come rain, shine, burning hot, or freezing cold. The only way a work day would be canceled would be if the San Antonio river overflowed to the point that the roads to Zars were under water.

    You do not have to make a reservation to come to the work day, just show up ready to work. Make sure you sign in when you arrive to get credit for your workday. Also please make sure we can read your writing to eliminate any questions. Sometimes I can't read my own writing so please help us out. Thanks, Carl.

    While we encourage you to try and make the work days we know that sometimes timing doesn't work out for you. There is always something at Zars that can be done and we can still use your help. If your schedule doesn't allow you to make the planned work days, contact the land manager, Jeff Seely, about work that can be done on your available time.
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