The DBSA General Membership Meeting was held 13 February and attended by 14 members.

The meeting was brought to order and previous meeting notes and treasurers reports were given and approved.

Land report was given and work day projects were discussed. The work hours web site is now updated and all members who attended should be listed. Contact Jeff Seely if you have any questions. Also the rock project under the pavilion and cattle fence projects are completed.

The trail work was also productive and property is in good shape.

There will be a Torcs race at Zars on 24/25 March (property will be closed for open riding 23-25 March). DBSA Members wanting to participate in race will pay normal race fees however spectator or Torcs Membership fees are not applicable.

We are happy to announce a club sponsored ride day on 12 May at McMahan Ranch in Smithville. Riding is free to all DBSA members and DBSA guests will be allowed for $20 fee. There will be no pre-registration but a riders release form must be filled out. Special thanks to Vernon Markworth for helping set this ride up.

Happy trails....dirtbikemike out!