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Thread: Which is more hazardous?

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    I rode a TW200 one time at Zars. Worst suspended bike I've ever been on. Would be O.K. as a pit bike but I wouldn't want to do much else on one. JMO.

    The jeep roads at the state park are comparable to those at the national park. I can ride most of the stuff 2 up. The exception to this would be the unmaintained jeep roads, can ride them single, but too difficult 2 up. I have a good map of the state park if you ever want to look at it.

    If you decide to lower the DRZ, I have a set of lowering dog bones that you can have.

    I have over 110K on the WeeStrom now. Been a great bike but I'm starting (after 13 years) to get the itch for something else. Time will tell.

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    Wow 110K on the WeeStorm. You should donate your butt to science. Between the Wee and DRZ how many miles has your butt seen on a motorcycle seat in your life time? If would could all be so lucky for those bragging rights.

    My DL1000 is super fun. A little heavy for dirt trail riding. however dirt roads are fine. I think you and I came across a DL1000 on Old Ore Road. The DL shines on the mountain twisties with never ending power and great handling.

    I was thinking about swapping the DL1000 for a DRZ400SM with dirt tires and lowering it instead of getting a TW or Vanvan. I am in no hurry to get the wrong bike. Their are so many choices now days it may take a while. Thanks for the feed back on the TW suspension. It would be like traveling back in time to 1975. However the TW and Vanvan are farm bikes and not designed for the Zar's racer type rider. However I would pick slow and steady over not riding at all which is the boat I am currently in.
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