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Thread: Fuel line/hose...?

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    Default Fuel line/hose...?

    Going to re-build carb on my 04 250X... some of the hoses look a little beat up. Curious if anyone remebers a convenient place to get hose and what sizes? Found something online... vents 3.5mm ID/6.5mm OD and 4mm ID/7mm OD and fuel 7.5mm ID/12-12.5mm OD.

    Seems I bought some yellow fuel hose at good old Home Depot for chain saws a while back... not sure on sizes. Anyone find/use some they like? Sizes sound right or do I really need different vent sizes? .5 mm sure seems neglible to hunt for....

    Thanks.... hoping to get daughter down to Zars soon and sign up, great crew.


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    Helix vent and gas line from Rocky Mtn are trash. If you gave them to me I'd throw them away.

    Gas line started dissolving and vent lines dried up and cracked in a very short time.

    Can't help you on ID/OD...I'm riding a 4st now.

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    Late to the conversation but I've been buying my fuel and vent line hoses from O'Reillys. None of the lines on my DRZ for fuel and venting has any odd bends so the automotive stuff works fine. YMMV

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