The DBSA General Membership Meeting was held 10 July and attended by 11 members.

The meeting was brought to order and previous meeting notes and treasurers reports were given and approved.

The trails and property are in decent condition. The past weeks rains were a slight relief. Cattle management was discussed and arrangements are being made for the grey bull to move on to greener pastures.

Brooks Tomblin from Lectron was in attendance and wanted to pass on they are looking to test fuel systems on 2019 Ktm and Husky 65 big bikes(125 and up) along with 2019 KTM 65/85 models. Interested parties should contact for specifics.

Reminder to all members the next workday is 25 August and there is no General Membership Meeting.

Membership is currently reported at 80 memberships.

Happy trails....dirtbikemike out!