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Thread: Reminder: Pick Up Your Trash

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    Default Reminder: Pick Up Your Trash

    Reminder: pick up your trash

    Found this trash the morning of 23 September 2018.

    Was able to get about half the trash in one pic. Stuff in this pic included a few plastic tear offs and the paper that separates them in the packaging. Other trash included glass and plastic bottles, plastic ZipLoc bags, plastic bottle caps and various other papers.

    The receipt in the pic is dated and timed 19 September 16:42:08

    JR and I left Zar's about 1300 on Wednesday 19 September 2018 and this trash wasn't there.

    Took JR, a gentleman whose name I didn't get and myself about 5 minutes to pick this stuff up.

    Edit: HA! Misspelled the title. Maybe someone can fix it for me.
    Re-Edit: Title corrected by the man behind the curtain, pay no attention to him.

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    Thanks carl

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