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Thread: Pink and Orange Marked Trail Map - April 2020

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    Default Pink and Orange Marked Trail Map - April 2020

    Here is a map of the Pink and Orange marked trails. It's about a 10 mile loop running both.

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    A little history about the marked trails and why you should always use a bit of caution and courtesy when riding them.

    The pink trail was originally laid out so it would be the only trail that atv's as well as motorcycles could use. It was also laid out to criss cross the upper 3rd of the property so runoff wouldn't be much of an issue. Somehow these ideas seem to have been tossed aside over the years and little consideration given to them. I know that we don't have many atv's amongst the club members and their families but it would (IMO) be nice to be a bit accommodating.

    Neither trail was meant to be a race course. The courses were intended to allow folks to do a loop without having to know the property. There can be a lot of riders at Zars and occasionally someone (including me) may inadvertently wind up on them going opposite of the markers. I make it a point to slow way down and exit at the first opportunity. I have met riders (timing and murphy) sometimes and I stop and give them the rightaway. Too many times the attitude I'm met with is less than friendly. So riders should be aware that just because they are going the marked direction doesn't mean that they may not meet someone coming the other way. A little caution and courtesy can go a long way.

    I seriously doubt that folks are intentionally riding the marked trails in the wrong direction. Timing and murphy can make it look that way.

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    Yep...rode it yesterday and 10 miles it is.

    Nice touch with the logs at the top of the hill. I saw the split, didn't know what was what, and ended up on the log side. 2 logs are side by side to make a ramp; getting over it is easy. Glad I had some momentum though. HAHA

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