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    Default I'm Glad...

    I'm glad you enjoyed those Corona Extra beers out at Zar's.

    I'm not glad you thought it was OK to throw the bottle caps on the ground.

    I saw at least 5 caps on the ground near the timers for the fan and lights. I didn't pick them up. I saw the caps as I was shutting things off to leave today.

    Truth of the matter is the entire pavilion and surrounding area has trash. Not a ton, but if you look, it's there.

    It'd be a real kick in the butt to get kicked off Zar's because we left trash laying around.

    Then again, maybe I'm the only one that worries about this.

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    Oh, c'mon. Cut em some slack. Maybe they still live in their parents basements and don't have to clean up after themselves.

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